Canon 126181 инструкция

When using a zoom lens, use the wide-angle end to obtain a wide night view. First they will ask you to do a clean reboot, then try switching the lens, and then they will ask you to pay to ship the camera to them, wait four weeks without a camera and then cross your fingers that the repair isn’t too expensive. This is for advanced users who are familiar with using color temperature conversion or color compensating filters.

Page 74 f: Changing the Depth of Field Using the Built-in Flash To obtain a correct flash exposure, the flash output will be set to match the set aperture (autoflash exposure). The shutter speed will set automatically between 30 sec. — 1/200 sec. to suit the scene’s brightness. Instructions are available for most Canon Cameras and accessories manufactured since 1959. The original booklet is supplied when available. Page 71 Shooting Tips To freeze the action or moving subject. Image Review & Operation The image cannot be erased. If the image has been erase-protected, it cannot be erased. (p. The shooting date and time displayed is incorrect. Page 24: Recharging The Battery Recharging the Battery LC-E5 LC-E5E Remove the protective cover.
Page 53: Using The Self-timer j Using the Self-timer With , the interval between the multiple shots may be prolonged depending on the image-recording quality and flash. Page 32: Removing The Card, Remove The Card Installing and Removing the Card Removing the Card Access lamp When the access lamp is lit or blinking, it indicates that the images are being written to or read by the card, being erased, or data is being transferred. Pull the strap to take up any slack and make sure the strap will not loosen from the buckle.

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