Инструкция recovery ra

инструкция recovery ra
The test contraction requires about 15 percent of the maximal voluntary capacity for an average male subject [50]. Further data analyses Descriptive statistics for all variables were expressed as group means and SD between individuals, unless otherwise stated. Respir Physiol 77: 203–214. 20. Sjøgaard G (1996) Potassium and fatigue: the pros and cons. Passive manual mobilisation may include soft-tissue mobilisation and oscillations with the aim of improving joint mobility and joint stability and of relieving pain. The subject did not receive any feed-back on performance.

Scand J Work Environ Health 29: 106–116. 16. Henning RA, Jacques P, Kissel GV, Sullivan AB, Alteras-Webb SM (1997) Frequent short rest breaks from computer work: effects on productivity and well-being at two field sites. Three measurements were collected from each of the left and right shoulders and averaged to give a PPT for each shoulder. Pressure pain threshold (PPT).PPT was determined over both trapezius muscles using a pressure algometer (Somedic Production AB, Sollentuna, Sweden) applied halfway between C7 and acromion.

Appl Ergon 43: 1026–1032. 57. van Rijn RM, Huisstede BM, Koes BW, Burdorf A (2010) Associations between workrelated factors and specific disorders of the shoulder – a systematic review of the literature. Ergonomics 43: 543–560. 76. Frazer MB, Norman RW, Wells RW, Neumann WP (2003) The effects of job rotation on the risk of reporting low back pain. Only experience in the use of this manual will show if it is helpful. In the spirit of closer communication the authors welcome any and all suggestions for its improvement. Ergonomics 55: 863–873. 42. Bunting M, Cowan N, Scott Saults J (2006) How does running memory span work?

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