T-rex 450 v2 инструкция

t-rex 450 v2 инструкция
May also be good starting point for other gliders. Aligns design where servos are inserted from INSIDe the frame. Aileron, rudder and elevator all with duel rate + expo. I don’t have Throttle hold yet. I might set it to Rudd DR1 later.

Cyclic Dual Rate/EXPO : ELEV D/R switch(-10%,+15% Expo) Rudder Dual rate/EXPO : AIL D/R switch ( T-REX 450 Flybarless RX2702 V (2801 pro) T-REX 450 Flybarless RX2702 V (2801 pro) It’s just a first tentative, can be improoved. Improved quad-bearing design of the Radio sticks makes the control silky and smoothly. 2). Adopted core technology of DEVO 12,versatile function ,high cost performance . 3). 2 Model Type: Helicopter and Airplane. Tested Standard GUI V922 WL-T6 Devo 8s combo Tested Standard GUI V922 WL-T6 Devo 8s combo I have developed a Standard GUI model & icon for a WL V922 using a Devo 8s with a WL-T6 adapter. Tail boom alloy tube Canopy is lightweight GRP and well painted. This should probably work for a HCP100 / FBL100 and HT8 as well but I have only tested it on the V922. This model is tuned for intermediate level 2D flying.

Clearly Align masters the subject and the assembly is really straightforward.You just have to follow the manual. Swash is at 55,55,60, Travel Adjustments 100%, Expo/DR at 100/20 on 1 for both Ele/Ail. 100/Line on 2. Rudder is 60/30 because gyro is very fast. This makes me nervous lol. I would like to disable this.

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