Хариер инструкция

хариер инструкция
This can be flooded to allow landing craft to enter and leave via a stern-mounted door which gives access to the sea. On Tarawa, the well is 286ft long and 78ft wide so can acommodate a wide range of landing craft. Can any of these inland targets be «taken out» by units landed by helicopter? The Warship Escort Keeping this assault force safe from land and sea attack is the task of the warships assigned to escort the formation. Vehicle Deck The vehicle deck shows the next group of vehicles available to go ashore with the Marines.

Part of a class of 12 vessels built in the l960s, each can each carry 1,000 Marines and 2,500 tons of cargo. You`ll see that the town nearest the eastern tip of the island is Tutuala. (You may have to use the MAP SCROLL icon to re-center Tutuala.). Zoom in further, and you`ll start to see finer detail. Using the rudder in the hover can send the aircraft pirouetting round — a trick often demonstrated when the Harrier appears at air shows.

These units will move when and if they are required to support their home bases. Consult the relevant heading later in this section for furthur information. Pilots’ Briefing Room Visit the Pilots’ Briefing Room to select the AV-8B missions you want to fly, and to receive pre-flight briefings before take off. The cannon shells do not carry an explosive payload; damaging a missile at such short range would probably not stop the crippled round striking the ship. The final self defense weapons were six single-barrelled Mk67 20mm cannon. In the 1980s, a retrofit program installed two General Dynamics Mk15/16 Phalanx 20mm close-in weapon systems (CIWS) on each ship. The improved BE.53 eliminated the gearbox used to drive the fan.

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