Belimo zth-gen инструкция

On-site adaptation of parameters The actuators are programmed on site with the basic values for the most common applications. You can determine MFT actuator factory programed parameters (control signal, feedback signal , running time, etc.) by: Contact Customer Service or Tech Read more… The latest update to PC-TOOL, our MFT programming software, can be found on the MFT webpage. You can use the ZTH US handheld device and using one of the provided cables you can connect to Read more… How can I update my PC-TOOL software? Please see the ZTH-GEN product information for a list of the types supported. Сервисный инструмент для параметризации и коммуникации электроприводов и контроллеров VAV. Подключение через службу гнездо на устройстве или MP/PP связи.

There are two ways off programming an MFT actuator. Брошюра ZTH-GEN Примечание: Belimo Automation AG оставляет за собой право осуществлять дополнения, изменения и улучшения в любое время, т.е. без предварительного уведомления. Use with the VAV range The ZTH-GEN service tool allows efficient commissioning and simple testing of VAV and CAV systems equipped with Belimo VAV units (up to 1992). For VAV units with a PP/MP interface; see ZTH-GEN product information for overview of types. Supported device types The ZTH-GEN can be used with parameterisable and communicating actuators for air dampers, valves, VAV controllers and fire dampers. Phase-out of the ZTH-VAV adjustment tool The ZTH-VAV was by the ZTH-GEN V4.x in August 2011. Existing ZTH devices (ZTH-VAV and ZTH-GEN V2.x…3.x) can be upgraded to ZTH-GEN V4.x with a firmware upgrade.

Link to MFT webpage Read more… How can I find what control signal my MFT actuator is programmed for?

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