Polar wolf сигнализация инструкция

polar wolf сигнализация инструкция
Junior level = 6 5 1 2 Senior level = 7 9 1 4 Inside the shack — Go forward and look around. When choosing your hunter, you can also customize their look by selecting from different appearances, hat styles and hair. o And don’t forget to give your hunter a name. i HUNTERS Strengths and weaknesses Mate 1 8-yrs-old Strengths: His youth gives him great resilience, strength and accuracy. Raccoon — forward, right, forward, jump, left paw, go. Freddie will share her secret to keeping warm if you win the next snowball competition. Newspaper — Read the Daily Moose newspaper on the table. Cooking schedules are: Breakfast — 7 AM — 8:15 AM; Lunch — Noon to 1 PM and Dinner — 6 to 7 PM. There is a cooking manual in the kitchen.

Isis and the levers — Go back to the shack now that we have all 4 animal disks and have lowered the bars. Hypothermia Risks — See the color indicator for risks in going outside and getting hypothermia. This is the skill level that expert hunters play. MAIN MENU After creating a new Profile or loading a previously saved one you will be brought into the Main Menu. Check the rooms that have housekeeping sign on the door handle. Here you can choose to continue in any of your saved Profiles or delete ones you no longer want. If it is you first time playing, select the Create Profile option. Medium Weight Tent This tent gives you average protection from the elements.

Fish Shack — Go forward until the Fish Shack. Sheer cliffs and steep drops can lead the unwary hunter right into a medical emergency. Learn from the Sheriff about the explosion and that it is from a plastic explosive, C4. In Eastern Europe, it’s called semtex. The mustard, mayonnaise and paprika are above the griddle. Easter Egg: Catsmom says: After you have caught the correct fish enter the bathroom. Задавайте вопросы, связанные с установкой и эксплуатацией автосигнализаций на Форуме.

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