Инструкция diablo 3

инструкция diablo 3
Money Back Guarantee If you’re not satisfied with our service, you can ask for a instant refund at any point. Heroes of the StormEdit «As King, I dedicated my life to Tristram, and served its people with all my heart. In exchange, they called me a Madman and betrayed me! Однако всех секретов Азерота мы не станем раскрывать — вам предстоит сделать это самостоятельно. Voices direct me to horrendous acts, and there are times when I seem unable to control my body.

Leoric simply spat at him, condemning Lachdanan and his men as traitors. Once you have turned it on, please refresh the page. OtherEdit Leoric appears in the Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients with the name King Leoric- the Skeleton King. However, Diablo found that a part of the king’s soul still fought against him, and that he would still not be able to take full control.

But that’s definitely not what we want to see, so we will try anything we can to make each of our valued customers happy! His once proud visage became rugged and deformed while his sanity slipped away. Requiring an anchor to the world, Diablo chose the strongest soul available to him to be his host—Leoric himself.[4]For many months, Leoric secretly fought against Diablo’s will. Earn an Amazon Gift Card for this item Trade in yours for $5.95 Learn More. Enraged, he set his minions on Deckard Cain, who had fallen into the depths of the cathedral due to the meteor’s impact. According to dialogue in Diablo III and Book of Cain however, he hailed from eastern lands, specifically Kehjistan. In the first Diablo game, his Skeleton King model used a two-handed sword. As of Diablo III, his signature weapon has been changed to a two-handed mace.

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