Инструкция kenwood xd-853e

инструкция kenwood xd-853e
Page 62: Specifications 6ch. SUB WOOFER … 47 mV / 33 k Output Level / inpedance SUPER WOOFER … 2.0V / 600 k 1.KENWOOD follows a policy of continuous advancements in development. They may differ from what actually appears on the display. 1 2 3 1 Timer-related indicators 2 Sound level meter The display varies according to the music or the opera- tions of the CD, tape, etc. Operation to reset The microcomputer may fall into malfunction (impos- sibility to operate, erroneous display, etc.) when the power cord is unplugged while power is ON or due to an external factor. Select the disc to be played first. DISC 1 DISC 2 DISC 3 Select “All Repeat”. (Remote control unit only) REPEAT Press the key repeatedly to switch the display. Input”, the audio from the surround L/ R channels becomes monaural. Set the reception band to FM. Preset RDS stations with the auto memory function.

Page 9: Power Cord Super woofer Extremely low sound is played back powerfully. (SW-500/optional) Power cord To wall AC outlet FM outdoor antenna Lead the 75 coaxial cable connected to the FM out- door antenna into the room and connect it to the FM 75 terminal. Page 53: Timer Programming Timer programming The program timer can set either timer playback or timer recording. Page 6 • Leave a space around the unit (from the largest outside dimension including projection) equal or greater than, shown below.

Before calling for service, check the following table according to the symptom of your trouble. Teile ohne Parts No. Page 29 New Parts New Parts Parts without Parts No. are not supplied. Page 35 To repeat all discs Cancel “PGM”. If the “PGM” indicator is lit, make ‹ sure to turn it off.

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