Samsung scx — 340 5fw принтер инструкция

samsung scx - 340 5fw принтер инструкция
Using SyncThru™ Web Service Start a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, that supports IPv6 addressing as a URL. Page 156: Wireless Network Setup Wireless network setup • Make sure your machine supports wireless networking. For some counties, only 802.11 b/g can be applied. Illustrations on this user’s guide may differ from your machine depending on its options or models. Enter the machine’s new information into the configuration window as follows. In a corporate intranet, you may need to have this information assigned by a network manager before proceeding. Airports, Hospitals, and Oxygen or flammable gas laden atmospheres are limited examples where use of wireless devices may be restricted or eliminated.

Спасибо! Вы успешно отправили отзыв на этот вопрос. Page 138: Reinstallation For Linux You must log in as a super user (root) to uninstall the printer driver. If you are not a super user, ask your system administrator. Page 155 IPv6 configuration Enter the rest of the address (e.g.,:3FFE:10:88:194::AAAA. “A” is the hexadecimal 0 through 9, A through F). Choose the DHCPv6 configuration. Align it with the registration guide at the top left corner of the glass. Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use of this user’s guide. Page 122 Regulatory information The Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) is an indication of the maximum number of devices allowed to be connected to a telephone interface.
Connect your machine to the network with a network cable. Page 59: Basic Copying Place a single original face down on the scanner glass. b If you want to customize the copy settings including darkness, original type and more by using the Device Settings in Samsung Easy Printer Manager program or Machine section in Printer Settings Utility program. However, if you send originals that are of poor quality, or contain photographs, you can adjust the resolution to produce a higher quality fax. Check your machine type (see «Front view» on page 21). • This troubleshooting may not be available depending on model or optional goods (see «Front view» on page 21). Remove any remaining pages from the document feeder.

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