Инструкция swat samba

инструкция swat samba
This provides the Samba administer the flexibility of allowing only some of the Linux users to have Samba accounts. Click on the Convert Users button to begin the process. A page listing each user converted, skipped or updated will be displayed. This does not mean that he can edit all shares — later fields control exactly which ones he can configure.

Finally, click the Save button to activate the new networking settings. Similarly, the Command to run on connect as root and *Command to run on disconnect as root* fields can be used to enter shell commands that will always be run as the Unix root user. Метод аутентификации по умолчанию smbpasswd, и здесь рассматривается только он.

Generally you will not need to change these fields. As the Adding a new printer share section explains, the Printer driver field can be used to enter the model of the attached printer (as recognized by Windows) so that clients can automatically select the right driver. Some settings like the lists of hosts to allow or deny really should be set globally, as you probably want to limit access to your entire server to just a trusted network. Module access control As WebminUsers explains, once a Webmin user has been granted access to a module he can be further restricted to only a subset of its functions. Unix Networking optionsSamba also has numerous global options related to networking that control such things as the IP address to listen on, whether to send keep-alive packets and how long clients can be idle for before they are disconnected. This is not the case on normal Windows filesystems though, which is why Samba prevents it from happening. To change this and let Unix filesystem semantics apply, change the *Can delete readonly files?* field to Yes. Автоматическое монтирование Есть несколько способов легко просматривать ресурсы общего доступа: smbnetfs Примечание: для smbnetfs необходима целая (нетронутая?) (intact) установка сервера Samba.

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