K2pdfopt инструкция

You cannot drag PDF files to the k2pdfopt icon, so to convert a PDF file, (1) double-click the k2pdfopt icon, and then (2) drag your PDF file to the k2pdfopt window, as shown in the figure below. Use -2 as a special case—all «red-boxed» regions (see -sm option) are placed one per page. Use a negative value as a multiplier on the output dpi (e.g. -2 will set the input file dpi to twice the output file dpi (see -odpi). Default is -2.0. -j -1|0|1|2[+/-] Set output text justification. 0 = left, 1 = center, 2 = right.

You can get this list by typing ? at the interactive menu or with the command-line option -?. To see how to use these options with k2pdfopt, see the «Customizing K2pdfopt» menu at the left, e.g. using a shortcut or using an environment variable. You can even drop a folder full of bitmap images to have them converted into a single PDF as if they were pages of a PDF file (page ordering will be alphabetical by file name). See my k2pdfopt help page for more detailed help. Agora execute o seguinte comando: chmod 755 k2pdfopt Veja o exemplo abaixo: Agora ele está pronto para ser executado. Use -rt auto+ to turn on auto- detect even in preview mode (otherwise it is off). See also -ls. -s[-] Sharpen [don’t sharpen] images. After downloading I right-clicked on it to make an icon on my desktop so I can run it without looking for it every time. Download ghostscript at -i Echo information about the source file (PDF only). Disables all other processing. -ibox[|-|u] Same as -cbox (see -cbox), except that these boxes are ignored by k2pdfopt.

That’s eye-squintingly small on a large monitor screen and nearly illegible on a Kindle screen. The use of -fs overrides the -mag setting. -g Set gamma value of output bitmaps. A value less than 1.0 makes the page darker and may make the font more readable. Any graphic exceeding this height will not be processed with the OCR engine. The default is -fs 0, which turns off scaling based on font size. Use -cboxu to set a crop box for all unspecified pages. E.g. -cbox1-10 -cboxu will apply to all pages 1 to 10 and to all other pages.

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