Касио инструкция 5299

The backlight remains lit for about two seconds from the point you press B, even if it is already lit when you press B. If you keep B depressed for one or two minutes, the backlight will automatically turn off. Its Auto Backlight function automatically lights the watch face whenever you turn your wrist towards your face. Altimeter Mode AUTO ALTI 2 seconds later Recall Mode AUTO RECALL C m A Alarm Mode A Parallel to ground More than 15 degrees too high 1675-1 AUTO ALTI C m P More than 40 More than 15 degrees too low. Avoid wearing the watch on the inside of your wrist. Держите пока с вашего экрана не исчезнут показатели секунд.

Timekeeping Mode ( Pressure/Temperature Display ) B Press D. C P D Stopwatch Mode BACKLIGHT In the Timekeeping Mode or the Altimeter Mode, press B to illuminate the display for about two seconds. Always use proper instruments and resources to obtain data for navigation purposes. • This watch is not an instrument for calculating low tide and high tide times. Нажатием левой нижней клавиши переведите часы в режим настройки аналогового времени. Designed after a diver’s watch, Tide Indicator is located at 10 o’clock with the screw-like hands, and moon data and thermometer are displayed using a digital LCD window at 4 o’clock. When you are wearing the watch, make sure that its auto backlight function is turned off before riding on a bicycle or operating a motorcycle or any other motor vehicle. The watch will emit an audible sound whenever the display is illuminated.
Black resin band analog and digital watch with blue face. This is caused by a transistor that vibrates when the EL panel lights up. It does not indicate malfunction of the watch. Doing so is dangerous and can result in serious personal injury. Doing so causes the Auto Backlight to operate when it is not needed, which shortens battery life. The backlight may not illuminate if the face of the watch is more than 15 degrees off parallel as shown below.

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