Пч hyundai n700 инструкция

пч hyundai n700 инструкция
Once the engine is up and running, the Auto Choke automatically returns to an optimal operating position. Matthijs recently sent me the new BMV-702 for evaluation. Oil Alert GX series, V-twin series, iGX series Honda’s Oil Alert system helps to prevent engine seizure due to a low oil condition. Thankfully the BMV-600S series shunts and PCBs are compatible with the BMV-700 and 702 displays, so there was no need to fit the new shunt that came with the unit.

The iGX’s advanced electronic governor eliminates this by electronically controlling the throttle to achieve a higher effective power output. Это позволяет нам комплексно подходить к задачам, которые стоят перед нашей компанией и успешно решать их. The system disengages automatically after the engine starts to prevent any power loss during normal operation. Back View All Manuals Selecting the Appropriate Owner’s Manual To get an owner’s manual for your generator, first determine the model name. The innovative ECU monitors and controls engine functions including Throttle, Choke, Ignition Timing, and Oil Alert. On some models, it also offers programmable governor and throttle modes for unprecedented flexibility. A diagnostic LED helps with trouble shooting.

Теперь вам не придется ломать голову над устройством купленного вами бытового прибора и гадать, для чего нужна та или иная кнопка на панели управления. Speaking of cooling, improved cooling means better combustion management. Electronic Governor iGX Series The electronic governor minimizes governor droop.

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