Инструкция программирование моторола gp_300

инструкция программирование моторола gp_300
This can be found here: I used version 0.74 at the time of this article. Зато программное обеспечение под DOS — отдельная песня. There are no user serviceable parts in the charger. If the charger fails to operate, contact your local Motorola dealer. Page 36 5. If the LED does not glow red when the battery is inserted into the charger, check the battery and charger contacts to be sure they are clean. Browse to the D drive and fire up GM300.exe file.

Tighten all the mounting screws on the RF board. Be sure you re-install all the shields properly You will find the mounting screws on the RF board have loosened. The radio needs to be retuned by a radio shop to get it calibrated/aligned so that it operated within specifications. The only way we have to correct the checksum of the file at this time is to keep editing bits and making Checksum-16 calculations until the edited file’s checksum and the original match. Many of the accessories available are listed below, but for a com- plete list, consult your local Motorola dealer.

The manual includes revisions MMR-077, MMR-100, and MMR-104. Radius (GM300) M130 Service Manual 6880903Z65, about $30.This is a 2-channel Radius GM300 that uses the 16-channel expanded logic board. Выходные уровни цепи клонирования мобильных станций ICOM (рис. 1ж) создаются транзистором с открытым коллектором. Смысл такой работы программы по всей видимости в том, чтобы исключить применение нештатных программаторов. GM300/M120 GM300/M120 General Information The GM300 and the M120 are the same series of radio.

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