Инструкция на русском для часов foce

инструкция на русском для часов foce
The second wheel drives the escapement wheel. It is the system of gears that transmits power from the mainspring to the escapement. Antireflexion/Antireflective A treatment on watch crystal to eliminate light reflection and improve legibility of the watch dial. The case back is the detachable back of the case which is removed for servicing the timepiece. A Gc watch case back has an engraved Gc logo as well as a serial number that serves as an identification feature for traceable authenticity.

Создавайте свой уникальный стиль вместе с часами Invicta, а мы поможем сделать процесс покупки одним удовольствием. Others use sub-dials to time elapsed hours, minutes and seconds. Register Another name for a sub-dial; this is usually a dial within the main dial of a watch. Попробуем разобраться для чего она нужна и где действует. 27.11.2012 CASIO ProTrek PRW-1500T-7V: 4 года в строю!

More scratch resistant than acrylic, a mineral crystal will however scratch and is extremely difficult, if not impossible to polish. Bottom Plate It supports the bridges, which are often on the top of the plate, the movement, the dial, and the holes where the jewels are inserted. Sub-Dial An auxiliary dial on a watch face used for any of several purposes, such as keeping track of elapsed minutes or hours on a chronograph or indicating the date. Also called jewels. S Sapphire Synthetic corundum crystal with a hardness second only to a diamond. Lengthening and shortening of the balance spring makes the balance wheel go faster or slower to advance or retard the watch. Previously the calendar had 10 months of 30 days each.

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