Alkotester as dual инструкция

alkotester as dual инструкция
The two included microphones allow you to sing both solo and a duet. Видеорегистратор Intego VX-305DUAL оснащен встроенным дисплеем размером 2 дюйма по диагонали. Thanks to the first one you don't need to pay attention to where the front of the drone is at a given moment, while the second one allows you to easily steer your drone to the previous location. They have been designed in a way to perfectly fit your ears and provide maximum comfort of every-day use. The built-in 1400 mAh battery allows you to use the projector with no external power supply for up to one hour.

From now on, your movies will get professional touch! Technically advanced system of 6 glass lenses ensures high image quality. Moreover, when connected to the Internet it allows you to see them directly on the smartphone's screen. Upload your favourite music and become a star of the stage!

Попробовал дуть в датчик. До того, как принял алкоголь, прибор ничего не регистрировал. Just switch your Idol to the FM radio mode. Slow Motion allows you to capture even the smallest details of every move, stunt and route!

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