Инструкция пульт горизонт rc7-7

When you first start braking without ABS or the line, you will overshoot corners constantly and this is normal (Remember, don’t touch that rewind), but will get better and better as you learn. But as soon as they enter a race they suck because they dont drive with the same level of focus or «cool-headedness». Don’t stare at the bumper of the car ahead of you, pay attention to the track and the road ahead of you. Once you learn the track, load up the next one. The yellow line is almost perfect, but the green is by far the fastest. Однако в силу высокой стоимости этот метод не стал слишком распространён. Не стали широко распространёнными и специальные универсальные обучаемые пульты управления в силу относительной сложности программирования и использования. Большинство продававшихся пультов ДУ в то время имело ограниченный набор функций, иногда только четыре: следующий канал, предыдущий канал, увеличить или уменьшить громкость.

You should know the track inside and out. Для среднего пользователя было слишком сложно программировать его, но он получил восторженные отзывы от людей, которые смогли разобраться с его программированием. The whole point of the next section of this guide is to teach you consistency, and the constant degradation of your tires will mess it up. The problem with trying to get good at racing in career or online is the races are too short. 2-5 laps on any track is nowhere near enough to «get into» the track and really learn. Don’t let them come between you and your best self. Don’t turn one off at a time to «ease» yourself into having no assists.
This never changes. A person who has done 1000 laps of the same track will still get better by doing another hundred or more. See our Coding Standards page for more information. This means that you are paying attention to your driving and not simply driving around the track in «auto pilot». Try to squeeze every last second out of your lap.

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