Vx-2100-do-50 инструкция

When you insert the labeled cassette and set the POWER switch to VCR, CAMERA, or MEMORY, the label is displayed for about five seconds. You can also erase all items’ data once. Page 138: Playing Back Images Continuously Slide Show Playing back images continuously – SLIDE SHOW You can automatically play back images in sequence. The product comes bundled with a 4GB Memory Stick Duo that holds 30 mins of HD video.

Page 39 Using the fader function (1) When fading in [a] In standby mode, press FADER until the desired fader indicator flashes. Page 89: Recording Video Or Tv Programs Recording video or TV programs Using the A/V connecting cable You can record a tape from another VCR or a TV program from a TV that has video/ audio outputs. Erasing each item’s data separately (1) Set the POWER switch to VCR or CAMERA. (2) Press MENU to display the menu display. High-definition 3D models[edit] Sony HDR-TD10[edit] The TD10 is Sony’s first 3D AVCHD camcorder. It records on an internal 64 GB hard drive or onto Sony Memory Stick Pro memory cards, or onto SDHC cards.

The HVR-Z7 breaks this pattern as it has all professional features of previous prosumer models, and has no consumer equivalent, although it has a larger shoulder-mounted sister camera, the HVR-S270. Both video cameras feature interchangeable lenses. Access lamp To eject a “Memory Stick” Push the “Memory Stick” inward, then release your finger. Note that the SignaLink USB does NOT use the PWR jumper wire, so you can disregard this jumper during installation.

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