Digifly flyer 2 инструкция

digifly flyer 2 инструкция
When I asked her if she got nauseous during the flight, she laughed and said she never had time to think about it. Since that job gave me the freedom to do what I wanted the rest of the year, I traveled the world-paragliding. Granny turned 90 in August of this year. The meet scored seven 100% valid days, with a total of 19,801 miles flown. Bill Soderquist, Kurt Bainum, and Tom Pierce tied for the day’s longest flight in Open Class by landing at the rodeo grounds for a total of 105.4 miles.

The clouds, like the day before, were epic and working well. Not having much to work with for the glide, I was now in survival mode. I flew alone at Love Canopy Flight? The town surrounds a mosque and an historic fort that borders the landing field where soccer and cricket are often played. Both of them suffered rope burns, bruises, and one guy lost his watch in the tall grass. Fernando and I decide to head to Booni, a nearby town, to look for a high launch to complement the already stellar local flying. On the way out of town a honking taxi pulls up beside us with a man waving a familiar pouch. Ken was nervous. I was glad I was watching.

Few of us will achieve a perfect record, but I hope we can all strive to emulate that kind of healthy selfawareness, and fly within safety margins we can tolerate. Listen to the locals and drill them with questions regarding everything about the site and any possible complications due to the terrain/airflow interplay if you are not site familiar. Bill pulled up first and blew it. I pulled up sessed. I kept making mistakes and kept redoing it.

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