Инструкция программы design simulator

инструкция программы design simulator
Those items are adjusted using the mouse; the filter is immediately redesigned, reswept and replotted. For example you can add a piece of coax (specify the impedance and length) to the filter and see what changes result. It allows manual entry of any of the library components or changing them once the filter has been entered. There are several advantages to using simulations in these two contexts. You also can find the LabVIEW examples for the Control Design and Simulation Module in the labview\examples\Control and Simulation directory and the labview\examples\System Identification directory. Screenshots (SIMION Version 8): Figure: Screenshots above show model, field, and trajectory views of an RF quadrupole example in SIMION 8. See also more screenshots. Most options are selected by clicking on buttons. No scripts.

The program requires a monitor with a resolution of 800×600 or better. Because the filter design and analysis routines are very closely coupled, the results are seen immediately on the screen. They enable the analyst to come into direct contact with the assumptions that are made and to develop a concrete «feel» for their implications on different techniques.

You may use it to: Recommend part parameters based on your frequency plan Design noise-optimized loop filters Simulate loop frequency response and stability Simulate VCO and Reference source noise Simulate output noise characterisics and statistics For use with the DC590 Controller board. Students can directly manipulate the simulation model and try things out to see immediately how results change and how analyses are affected. Other product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.

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