New gyro upgrade инструкция на русском

new gyro upgrade инструкция на русском
Lightmapping: FIxed issue with generated lightmap uvs being different across mac/win on some occasions. Editor: Do not show cut/paste context menu action for SelectableLabel Editor: Popup windows no longer flicker for a frame on OSX. Editor: Audio preview in Scene View now works correctly without any Audio Listeners in the scene. Mac OS X Standalone and Editor: WWW class will now correctly use the proxy selected in System Preferences.

Flash : Fixed crash when www.audioclip was used in a coroutine. Once mounted securely, slightly loosen the two screws on top of the mounting ring.While looking through the X-sight at night with night mode activated. Editor: Scenes in Build Settings no longer get reordered alphabetically. Select «Linux» from the Target Platform list in the Build Settings. GameObjects: Active state is now recursive. If a GameObject is inactive, all children will inherit that state.

Web Player: Application.dataPath will now work correctly if the player URLs has slash characters in the url parameters. Fixes Android: Added exception checking / propagation for script-based JNI Calls (AndroidJava* / AndroidJNI*). Android: Loading a lot of assets through Resources.Load() could create a memory-leak-like behavior — this has been fixed. Customizing an Android Splash Screen Android 2D Textures Overrides This page details the Player Settings specific to Android. A description of the general Player Settings can be found here. When finished Select Save & Exit in the menu. Install the battery in the body, observing proper battery polarity. Open the Carousel and locate the following set of Icons.

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