Art of tactic карточки инструкция

art of tactic карточки инструкция
These are usually centered around opposing conceptions of femininity and masculinity, although there are myriad exceptions and variations. Policies: Does the space have policies? If so, what are they? Aggregated and analysed user data can be used to create harassment strategies that damage your reputation or attack you for your views or beliefs. What one person might find politically, socially or personally threatening might mean very little to another. Это позволяет без труда использовать отряды из предыдущих базовых наборов во время зимних операций.Обратная сторона также претерпела существенные дизайнерские изменения, но об этом я расскажу подробно чуть позже. Another possibility is to run an event twice: once for women and trans* participants, and once for open participation.

Crowdmaps in Indiaː After the Delhi Gang Rape there was a lot of interest in how tech could be used to address the issue of sexual violence against women in offline spaces. Accessibility: Is the space itself easily accessible? In which part of town is it located? Integrated Security Manual: ( ) a resource for planning, convening, and hosting your workshop that prioritizes your participants’ emotional and physical well being. With skills workshops, there is research to suggest that women and trans* persons learn tech skills best with each other, so these workshops can have a very distinct reason for being exclusive that you can explain to others.

Please note that both forums and wikis need to be hosted on a server, so you’ll need to know how to set one up and manage it. Counterspeech can be used for exposing hate/deceit/abuse/stereotypes, promoting counter-narratives and clarifying facts, advancing counter values, uniting communities and sharing experiences. And finally, we can fight back by regaining control of the digital traces we create and limiting who can collect and use them and we can also help by showing our friends, networks, and family members how they can do this too. They should be good facilitators or moderators and be calm and patient. We are different; let’s celebrate it, even when it’s difficult to do! The data-gathering bot: It quietly scans Twitter and gathers up tweets, usernames and any other available information you have programmed it to collect. It places this information in a file for you.

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