Casio exilim ex-f1 инструкция

Starting at 26mm and extending all the way to 520mm, and equipped with macro and super macro options, the FH20’s lens meets or exceeds the needs of pretty much all photographers. Furthermore, when the last row of CMOS chip is reached, there is a time lag equal to 16% of the frame time, which is needed for processing of each full image (see Fig. 1). Then, the readout cycle can begin again starting from the first row. When that buffer is full the camera pauses to write to the card and can’t shoot again until the buffer clears. Aperture Priority AE: 1 to 1/2000 second Shutter speed priority AE and manual Exposure: 60 – 1/40,000 sec.

There are plenty of sites you can go to for the technical details of each of these items. My intent is to give my overall impressions of the camera and features I found useful. Announced in January, 2008, the EX-F1 began shipping worldwide at the end of March. It didn’t make as big an initial splash as some other new digital cameras, but folks in the know were paying attention. Большой объектив, высоко посаженная подъемная вспышка, «горячий башмак», два крупных настроечных кольца, массивное кольцо трансфокатора — «зеркалка», не иначе! What’s so cool about high speed movie recording is that it plays back in slow motion. That’s not to say that the camera can’t produce some decent pictures-it can-but when push comes to shove, it’s the FH20’s high speed capture, rather than image quality, that is the camera’s strong suit.
The second anti-shake option boosts the ISO so you can shoot at a higher shutter speed. Кроме того, в механичесом зуме угол небольшой, весь диапазон проходится за раз. The old joke has it thattoday is tomorrow’s yesterday, and if you can get your head around that you’re ready to learn more about the EX-F1. But be forwarded – though the EX-F1 offers a lot, as we’ll see it also fails to deliver in several key areas. This is a Class 6 speed card, meaning that it’s as fast as is currently available, and it will hold more than two hours of HD video. You can also create your own Best Shot mode, saving your favorite settings for focus, white balance, flash, ISO metering, dynamic range, color filter and more. One mode is called Prerecorded, this mode can store from one second up to sixty seconds of images when you half press the shutter release button. In other words, it will continuously update a buffer of images from the last one to sixty seconds.

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