Xt1200z инструкция

xt1200z инструкция
The clutch lever is equipped with a clutch switch, which is part of the igni- tion circuit cut-off system. The bike had also taken a beating at the hands of other journos before us and the ABS system had been disconnected. The spec sheet shows some differences, but sitting on the bikes for a typical “showroom bounce” reveals little. Yamaha dealer to check the elec- trical circuit. 3. Start the engine by pushing the start switch. Это как на смартфоне: идите, я вас догоню, как только фотку закачаю, в этом месте 3G хорошо пашет! 1. РульОн тоже новый. И для снижения вибраций установлен через резиновые проставки2. РукояткиНаконец-то теперь они с обогревом!

Как результат – мощность увеличилась до 112 л.с., а крутящий момент – до 117 Нм. Уже при первом прохвате я заметил больше “мяса” на средних оборотах. Ну а при старте на первых двух передачах мотоцикл вообще рвет вперед, как пуля. Take the shock To obtain a precise adjustment, it is ad- absorber assembly to a Yamaha visable to check the actual total number dealer for any service. of clicks or turns of each damping force adjusting mechanism. Page 4: Important Manual Information IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION EAU10133 Particularly important information is distinguished in this manual by the following notations: This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards.

Page 52 • Make sure that operation is smooth. • Check throttle grip free play. But the engine is upright where the BMW’s lies flat, so the bike seems slimmer. Each is a masterful cross between dirtbike and luxury tourer, with plenty of “sport” sprinkled all over. Page 39: Fuel Tank Breather Hose And Overflow Hose EWA15151 WARNING ● Make sure that the end of each Your Yamaha engine has been de- hose is positioned outside of the Gasoline is poisonous and can signed to use premium unleaded gaso- cowling. cause injury or death.

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