Инструкция по двигателю субару

инструкция по двигателю субару
Australian models[edit] Australian interior with McIntosh stereo system and SI-Drive The Outback sold in Australia resembles the vehicle sold in Europe, with some features only available in Japan. Black housing for headlights is not offered on the Outback worldwide. Диаметр цилиндра 92 мм, ход поршня 91 мм, степень сжатия 10.5:1. Устанавливается в Subaru Legacy и Subaru Outback с 2010 года, а также в Subaru Tribeca с 2008. Zurschmeide J. High-Performance Subaru Builder’s Guide. — CarTech Inc., 2007. — P. 27-31. — 144 p.

The smart key is available on NavPlus and 3.6R models only. 17″ alloy wheels are standard on all models, as well as rain sensing automatic wipers, two position memory seat, heated exterior mirrors, glass moonroof, heated front seats, fog lights, and tilt and telescoping steering wheel. Editor’s note: This is only one of dozens of service bulletins issued each month by automakers. The 2015 Forester has a 15.9 gallon fuel tank, while the 2015 Outback holds 18.5 gallons.Towing Capacity:If you have heavy things you tow around, opt for the Outback. The 2.5i Outback has a maximum towing capacity of 2,700 lbs, while the 3.6R Outback can haul 3,000 lbs. Steering and handling is improved, and CVT is offered with the diesel engine. A new multimedia navigation unit is offered. Retrieved 2011-11-27. ^ «New Legacy model rolls off the Subaru line». .

Legacy 2.5GT tS[edit] In June 2010, the Legacy 2.5GT tS or tuned by STI (Subaru Tecnica International) was released for the Japanese Domestic Market. For vehicle security, a Thatcham Category 1 perimeter alarm and immobilizer, along with a rolling code ECU engine immobiliser are standard equipment. The system can help maintain a safe distance on the highway, a lane departure warning system, a wake up call when traffic lights change, and even keeps an eye out for pedestrians. SI-Cruise has been integrated into the EyeSight feature as a driver safety aid. Outback is a longer, more substantial vehicle—a «midsize crossover» where Forester is a «compact crossover.» Outback looks and feels more like a wagon, Forester looks and feels more like a small sport utility vehicle. Both vehicles are Top Safety Pick Pluses according to IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).Hopefully the explanations above help you in your decision, one that ultimately comes down to your travel needs, space requirements, and personal taste. Unleaded gasoline with minimum 87 octane recommended for all Outback models and 2.5i Forester models.

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