Panasonic kx-t2378jxw инструкция

panasonic kx-t2378jxw инструкция
Page 15: Making Calls PQQX13204YA-03 01.11.28 8:35 AM y [ W 15 Making Calls “ Using the handset (LINE1) Press (LINE2/DATA) and Indicator (LINE2/DATA) to select a (LINE1) and Indicator telephone line. Page 36 PQQX13204YA-04 01.11.28 8:36 AM y [ W 36 WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO RAIN OR ANY TYPE OF MOISTURE. If there is any trouble, disconnect the unit from the telephone line and connect a known working phone. Tuck the telephone line cord inside the wall mounting adaptor, and push it in the direction of the arrow. Only incoming calls are accepted until the dial lock is canceled.

Домен будет создан и автоматически направлен на ваш сервер. Page 32: Battery Replacement PQQX13204YA-03 01.11.28 8:36 AM y [ W 32 Battery Replacement If “ ” flashes, the battery power is low. Page 28: Dial Lock PQQX13204YA-03 01.11.28 8:36 AM y [ W 28 “ Special Features Dial Lock You can prevent others from making a call to any number except the one pre-programmed in the memory of the EMERGENCY button.

Pull down the handset hook until it locks, so the tab holds the handset. Please use only a Panasonic KX-TCA89BX. Connecting the Optional Headset to the Unit Connect the optional headset to the headset jack as shown below. Make sure that a call is not put on hold. (PROGRAM) Press (MUTE) Press Press Enter the current time (hour and minute) using a 4-digit number. Кликните по ссылке «Доменные имена» в меню слева. На открывшейся странице нажмите кнопку «Создать» и заполните необходимые поля.

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