Инструкция jura impressa x7-s

инструкция jura impressa x7-s
Available at the push of a button.. Hot water portions for tea, hot chocolate or any hot water based drink.Maintenance programsThe Impressa X7 offers three different integrated cleaning programs: a coffee sector cleaning, auto cappuccino cleaning and combined cleaning programs. The CLARIS filter cartridge protects your machine and increases its life. Daily cup output 120 cups Integrated cleaning, de-scaling & rinsing programs, no need for outside maintenance.

The coffee strength, water volume and temperature can be set individually for each server key to suit your personal preferences. For details and cautions you must read all instructions. Empty drip tray and reinsert FILL / WATER is displayed.

Turn machine on again. If the error message comes up again, try one more time. If the message persists, Contact Us Your machine needs to be returned for service. Use your fingers or a lint free cloth and clean the gunk and built up coffee grounds off of it. Here you will find answers to your questions about your JURA product.

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