Canon eos t2i инструкция по видеосъемке rus

Performance of T2i vs T3i The T2i SLR camera has a huge advantage in terms of startup delay. The most obvious external changes include a new 3:2 ratio LCD with 1.04 million dots of resolution, a dedicated live view / movie button, and a restyling of several other buttons to make them easy to locate and identify by touch. For the sit down interviews, we usually used wired lavalier mics.

Playback mode lets you view, protect, or erase images and movies. Record Menu 3: Record Menu Options: Screen 3 Top-LevelSelection Second-Level Third-Level Notes Dust Delete Data — Cancel- OK Captures a reference image for the dust reduction system, showing where dust is present on the sensor. Aperture is controlled by the same dial while the AV button on the back of the camera is pressed. ISO can be set by pressing the button on the top of the camera between the Mode Dial and the Shutter Speed Dial. The trade-off here is that wide apertures (especially f‑stops smaller than 2) also make focus more difficult to get just right, as the depth of field is so shallow. For the handheld, I’d like to get a monopod, and/or steadicam of some kind.

Line up the guide mark with the matching mark on the Canon rebel body, set the lens into the mount, and turn it approximately 90 degrees counter clockwise until it locks into place. Both ISO and white balance are set to Auto, while both auto lighting optimizer and picture style are set to Standard. The red leaf fabric still gives the T2i trouble, though. Rumours abound of forthcoming camcorders with full‑frame chips from other manufacturers, and RED have announced a small (but very expensive) DSLR-style camera, which fits PL, Canon EF and Nikon mount lenses, to complement their popular ‘ONE’ cinema camera.

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