Инструкция к киндл тач 4

инструкция к киндл тач 4
When you see an app with an interesting title, tap to open the description page. This feature isn’t limited to music – videos and books can also be copied to your device.On your computer, open My Computer (or the file manager of your non-Windows operating system) and find the tablet listed as a new drive. Изображение на экране не поворачивается, читать можно только в вертикальном положении устройства. «Тап зоны» на экране имеют необычное расположение и размеры.

Key among these is the Books, Documents, Music, Pictures and Video directories – these are the locations where you will copy the appropriate media. Архивировано из первоисточника на WebCite 8 апреля 2012 года. (англ.) ↑ Kindle sells out in 5.5 hours ↑ Kindle DX Amazon. Available accessories for this unit include a fitted cover, black leather case, or convenient external light. Then it will force you to go through a short tutorial, which offers useful information like how to turn pages, bring up the toolbar, adjust the backlighting, and find the dictionary, and X-ray features. When you first launch the app you will be prompted to input your email account name and password – the app will do the “heavy lifting” of configuring the correct settings for you (additional accounts can be added via Menu > Accounts. With millions of fans, the Kindle is a popular eBook reader, recognisable by its striking graphite frame.

Kindle’s e-readers use a proprietary E-ink Pearl technology that includes hand-built fonts and actual ink particles. Gone is the desktop-like styling of the Android Gingerbread UI, replaced by an interface known as the Newsstand. Here’s what you need to know to get the most from your new Kindle—without spending a single extra cent.

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