Инструкция термометр модель it-201

инструкция термометр модель it-201
Fulfilled by Amazon items can be identified with an badge. This is NOT due to the inaccuracy of the thermometer. Please consult with a veterinarian if you need to use thermometer for an animal.

Features: Thermometer’s measurements are accurate down to ± 0.05℃/ ± 0.09℉ Product features a large blue backlight for better visibility, even in the dark. Sometimes the issues could be related to how you operate the thermometer. Yes, you do have to touch the forehead with the thermometer. To take the forehead temperature, you have to do the following: With the sensor/probe cover attached, position the thermometer at the center of the forehead, just above the eyebrow. Can the thermometer be used on my pets or animals in general? Every time when you operate, the backlight will be on for 15 secends.

With 2 meter temperature probe for outdoor temperature. The thermometer is really sensitive to small changes in temperature and very often repeated use with no pause in between readings will result in inaccurate readings. Can the thermometer be used on grown adults? When taking the ear temperature, please ensure that you gently pull the ear up before inserting the thermometer. Can the sound be turned off to not disturb a sleeping child? Can this thermometer be used on a newborn?

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