Tetra plant start инструкция

tetra plant start инструкция
Tune in, turn on to GloFish®! Watch video now. > How to get your Glo on. Pelleted feeds come in different sizes and can be floating or sinking. The more GloFish®, the more you get to Experience the Glo®! One or two GloFish® for each gallon of water in your aquarium. Plug it in only after it is in the water.

Iodine deficiency can result in thyroid hyperplasia, which has been seen in both elasmobranchs and teleosts. Now I need to go find tiny heater. I will keep this tank primarily as a nursery but may later use for neon tetra. Twilight mode — cycles between Moonlight and Midnight modes.

Если карбонатная жесткость воды составляет ≤ 3 °dH, добавьте 2,5 мл на 10 л аквариумной воды. Thermometer – This helps you monitor the water temperature. Между применениями средства Тетра КристалВотер и кондиционера для воды, например Тетра АкваСейф, должно пройти 24 часа.Форма упаковки — 250 мл. Being a breeder of fresh water angelfish I need a product that works. I have in the past set up 55 gallon aquariums waited about 15 minutes after adding dechlorinator. The size of the tank is just right for one Betta fish, and the LED lights are so nice, the color of the fish is so vivid. I’ve had a 40 gallon tank for over ten years and it was a chore to keep up. Check the air outlets and adjust the settings.

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