Инструкция принтер samsung scx 3400

инструкция принтер samsung scx 3400
Input Numeric 3 digits 109-0050 Fuser Bias Fuser bias voltage on at normal drive level Output On[Off] 110-0000 LSU Motor1 Run Ready Detects if LSU motor1 runs at normal speed. Understanding Samsung Easy Printer Manager To open the program: • For Windows, Select Start > Programs or All Programs > Samsung Printers > Samsung Easy Printer Manager > Samsung Easy Printer Manager. • For Macintosh, Open the Applications folder > Samsung folder > Samsung Easy Printer Manager. Коды ошибок Xerox WC 5020 сброс ошибок Коды ошибок Xerox WorkCentre 4118, сброс ошибок Коды ошибок Xerox Phaser 7700 (Error codes) Kyocera Kyocera FS1035 ошибка печати PCL XL Error. The default configuration is ‘Disabled’ for your security. There are various types of machine. • Some features and optional goods may not be available depending on model or country. Use this list to check for send and receive errors. • Supplies Info Supplies Information Report shows toner cartridge information such as toner remaining, toner capacity, toner product date etc. • Configuration Configuration report shows the status of the user-selectable options.

Damage could be caused to the product in such areas. 5) Do not place candles, burning cigarettes, etc on the product, These could cause a fire. 1.2.4. Assembly and Disassembly precautions 1) Replace parts carefully and always use Samsung parts. Аппарат проведет процедуру инициализации и сбросит счетчик страниц. Оставьте по умолчанию значение Нет общего доступа к этому принтеру.

You can contact this server via wired and wireless network using your web browser in the remote place. Replacing maintenance parts can be performed only by an authorized service provider, dealer, or the retailer where you bought the machine. And release the LSU. 3. Remove 2 screws securing the LSU cover. Creation of firmware for Samsung and Xerox printers Our firmware allows to use a printer with self-refilling cartridges. It is very easy to use the server – within only four steps you can reprogram the firmware in your printer and use refilled cartridges! Острым ножом срезаем пластиковые заклепки на торцах картриджа: Затем высверливаем отверстия на их месте и вкручиваем винты.

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