Инструкция пользования на halla приоры

инструкция пользования на halla приоры
Chemical stunning is a term applied to the use of carbon dioxide in making animals immobile before bleeding. Skinning, like stunning, can be done either in the horizontal or hanging position, the former being more suited to small slaughterhouses and the latter for larger premises with bigger orders and with facilities or equipment for railing the individual carcasses one after another. New in May 2003, an event type 100 is written at end of run which has same format as ROC10/11 which is the final scaler reading from ROC10/11. Also new are the «TS2 scalers» which are scalers on the new trigger supervisor, see ROC10/11 section below. The carcass is then washed and railed to the inspection bay. (e) Postmortem Inspection Aside from the carcass, parts of the animal body which are assembled for inspection are the tongue, head, pluck, liver and paunch (Fig 3). The carcass is held still in the suspended position.

Normally the «official detmap» is kept in ~adaq/detmap directory on the ADAQ cluster. The slaughterer then cuts the throat transversely with a series of strokes half-way deep into the neck. Any offer for any product, feature, service made on the Site is void where prohibited. Your access to the Site is limited to one user session; concurrent sessions using an identical username and password combination are prohibited.

This «TS2 scaler» data was available after March 31, 2003. The data starts with header 0xfed00015 in the ROC10 ring buffer readout (see scaler_roc10.html link above). Firstly, the 0x15 in lower bits encodes how many data follows. Scaler data are also inserted into the data stream as an event type 140 typically every 4 seconds, but not synchronized to any other event. Insufficient bleeding and slow death could mean that the severance of the neck vessels is incomplete, or specifically that the arteries leading to the head have been missed, having only cut the veins during sticking. Despite the higher temperature of this furnace, he was unable to melt calcium, aluminum or magnesium fluorides.

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