Цифровой тв тюнер инструкция

цифровой тв тюнер инструкция
Many ATSC tuners will remember EPG info for each station, but only for a few hours after viewing a channel on that station. Online Walkthrough Printable Walkthrough 1) Scanning (Autoscan) for Channels To begin scanning for channels, use your remote control and the menu function. Selective tuning[edit] Selective tuning is the process by which the radio frequency (RF) of the television channel is selected by a receiver from within a band of transmitted RF signals. The up/down and left/right buttons move you through the on-screen menu.

После выполнения данных требований и нужных соединений выберите в телевизоре тип входа AV и произведите автоматический поиск каналов в ресивере согласно инструкции к ресиверу. Рассмотрим схему подключения через DV разъём: Для этого вам потребуются: цифровой видео вход DV, цифровой ресивер с разъёмом DV, антенна для приёма ТВ сигнала дециметрового диапазона, соединительные провода. Another type of television tuner is a digital television adapter (DTA) with an analog passthrough.

Some have an «easy-add» feature which does not delete what is already mapped in memory. Image reformatting[edit] Media reformatting is extremely important because the formatting of images on TV sets differs significantly according to the technology employed. Manual tuning[edit] Each digital OTA channel number is composed of a main number and a subchannel, for example 4.1, 4.2, etc. A dash is an alternate form of representation: 4-1, 4-2… The dot and dash are interchangeable; they both mean the same thing.

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