Санон повер шот а530 инструкция

санон повер шот а530 инструкция
Okay, here’s that other ISO test that I promised. Previously, you could only do these adjustments while capturing the image. One example is that you can replace one color with another. For more predictability, try to use the center AF mode.

Playback Mode The A540’s playback mode has all the usual features and more. Canon PowerShot A merupakan siri kamera digital yang dihasilkan oleh syarikat Canon. Next to that is the AF-assist lamp, which doubles as the self-timer lamp.

Canon has combined the Photo Effects and My Colors menu, and two of the color options (Color Swap and Color Accent) have been relegated to the scene modes. Серия «A1xxx»[править | править вики-текст] Серия 1xxx — камеры начального и среднего уровня, продолжение серии 5xx. В отличие от неё не имеют ручных настроек. Last year Canon reworked their camera manuals a bit.

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