Инструкция digital 4000/4100

инструкция digital 4000/4100
Подлежит замене программа-прошивальщик на CPUpgrade 1.0.6, а вместо файла прошивки — понадобится файл загрузчика loader_1.0.7.bin 1. Подключаем тюнер к COM порту компьютера через нуль-модемный кабель. Также, версия загрузчика может быть 1.0.6 , тогда перед началом прошивки нужно изменить его версию с 1.0.6 на 1.0.7. Процедура замены будет описана внизу данной статьи. Timers and clock Sleep timer With the sleep timer, you can set the TV to switch to standby automatically after a preset time. To set the sleep timer . . . 1. Page 26: From A Usb Connection View the pictures repeatedly or once only.

Fastest VHF data rate available today: Enables data transmission at 31.5 Kbps data rate (VDL Mode 2). Manages multiple configurations of RF sub-networks: These include VHF, HF and SATCOM, including Iridium. Integrated data-link capability (RIU-4000/4010): Provides a more accurate means for transmitting and receiving information. Page 9: Home Theatre System — Hts TV and the sound from the HTS should be Use an HDMI cable to connect a Home Theatre System (HTS) synchronised. to the TV. You can connect a Philips Soundbar or an HTS with a built-in disc player. Rely on Fluke Networks to provide you with the technology and equipment to accurately reflect the quality of your work and to ensure that your results meet the proposed standards.

Using the TV guide Search by genre What you need If the information is available, you can look up scheduled With the TV guide you can view a list of the current and programmes by genre like movies, sports, etc. Для прошивки тюнера DIGITAL 4000/4100 понадобиться программа-прошивальщик CPUPGRADE_Tools_RS232_1.0.7, сама прошивка (список прошивок приведен ниже) и нуль модемный кабель. 1. Подключаем тюнер к COM порту компьютера через нуль-модемный кабель. Find the telephone number in the printed documentation that came with the TV. Or consult our website /support . TV model number and serial number You might be asked to provide the TV product model number and serial number. You can now test the Permanent Link as defined by the proposed TIA/EIA-568-B with the highest level of accuracy, repeatability and confidence. Page 4: Setting Up Quick Start Guide that came with the TV. In case you lost this TP Vision Europe B.V. bears no responsibility for improper guide, you can download it from . mounting or any mounting that results in accident or injury. Page 19: Channel Installation and open Status in the Options menu.

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