И инструкция к eurocave sowine bar

и инструкция к eurocave sowine bar
The sliding shelves can accommodate from 7 (magnums) to 12 (standard) bottles. On the fixed shelves you can stack wines in several rows for long term storage. The Classic 83 Range – single-zone cabinets for maturing wine, includes 3 models. V083: small, V183 medium and V283 large cabinet. Floors and Ceilings – Insulate ceiling and floor cavities; if the floor and/or ceiling is solid, make a false ceiling and/or floor, placing insulation material in them. EQUIVALENT TO 80MM HIGH DENSITY POLYSTYRENE. Polyurethane sheets may also be used.

Vibration Exclusion System for eliminating vibrations – compressor is equipped with vibartion dampeners. The Hygro humidity control system enhanced by the ribbed aluminium inner walls. An internal fan ensures proper ventilation (there’s a charcoal filter for cleaning the air) and helps maintain humidity level. What’s more, these refrigerated wine cabinets have low electricity consumption, around 0.9-1.0 kWh/24h. Top-Notch Customer Service The manufacturer provides a very efficient after sale customer service.

The slide-out wood-metal shelves can be arranged to your liking within the cabinet and they can take 7 (magnums) -13 (Bordeaux-style bottles) bottles of wine. On the wooden fixed shelves you can stack the bottles for longterm storage and to utilize the unit to its fullest capacity. Our initial test, in which we filled wine bottles with mini marshmallows to potentially reveal leaky vacuums, gave us a result we didn’t expect: completely collapsed marshmallows in three of our five test subjects. Extra technical features include: The walls of the cabinet contain 50 mm thick special insulation (Cellular Quality Insulation – CQI) which has the insulation ability equivalent of 2-meter thick earth layer. Constant temperature 10ºC – 14ºC Constant humidity above 50% Easy to use Discreet and quiet The quoted conditioning abilities of EuroCave Cellar conditioners are given on the basis of installation to a fully heat insulated area.

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