Инструкция для орион-100к

инструкция для орион-100к
Evaluate samples in the most demanding locations using this waterproof meter with IP67-rated housing. This becomes particularly desirable when operating at those higher magnifications necessary to observe some of the brighter deep sky objects, and the more subtle features on the planets. C-7 Home Page C-7 News Consignment Library Products & Services Product Lines Order Search Orion Introduction.

Helps to keep telescope balance when switching to and from light and heavy accessories and eyepieces. This makes it possible to move the mount head (without moving the tripod) to the left or right, up or down precisely. Together we found the perfect set of features they wanted (and didn’t want) in a laser welder.

The Orion SkyView Pro™ Mount accepts an optional Polar Alignment Finder telescope. What does it do? the Apochromatic refractor has been the traditional choice of visual astronomers. The print is easy to read under day or red light.

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