Инструкция для sennheiser sk 100 g3

инструкция для sennheiser sk 100 g3
The transmitter is available with a choice of three microphone capsules. How to Set the Levels on a Sennheiser EK 100 Receiver The next level that you need to adjust is the AF Out on the EK 100 receiver. The transmitters are also included in systems: SKP100 G3 Transmitter — Plug-on The SKP100 is a plug-on transmitter that, when attached to a compatible microphone via the 3-pin XLR connector, gives the same operational functionality as the SKM100 handheld transmitter. After you use the Easy Setup feature on the receiver, you must use the Sync feature on the receiver to beam the new channel to the transmitter wirelessly. Now your EK 100 diversity receiver will be set to a new channel that’s free of interference; however, you must Sync the new channel to your transmitter. Please note, when the transmitter is in the Sensitivity mode, you can no longer see the audio meter on its display.

This process only requires a few button presses. It can save you from experiencing interference, and potentially save a take or two, or even an entire day’s work. It’s well worth the effort. The transmitter is offered in two configurations: 503585 SKP 100 G3 (74-4337) This is channel 69/70 ready and is also included in the following systems:EW 100-ENG G3 (74-4329) 504667 SKP 100 G3 (74-4637)This is channel 38 ready and is also included in the following systems:EW 100-ENG G3 (74-4629). How are you supposed to manage that much stuff when all you want to do is to capture the dialog of a simple sit-down interview? The ideal setting is when the meter is bouncing a little more than halfway up the scale. If you’re using a camera with numbered meters, you’ll want to adjust the audio level so that the meter is bouncing around -12 dB, or slightly below.

Then press the arrow keys until Exit is displayed in the Easy Setup menu, and press Set to exit. Either way, the method is again the same. Setting the Levels on a Sennheiser 3G Transmitter Once again, if Sennheiser ew 100 G3 wireless systems work for most people right out of the box, you’re probably wondering why you would ever want to adjust the audio levels.

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