Hd dual lens 720p инструкция на русском

hd dual lens 720p инструкция на русском
Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process. Press the CENTER button to select Zero Reticle. Update the new firmware as follows: Download the ***.bin file and copy to your microSD Card — root directory. Once you selected a profile press the Center button to load it.

Movement between the tabs is carried out using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons .To switch between Green and Black&White modes follow next few steps. This will prevent shut off issues due to recoil. NOTE:Make sure that the device is turned off before changing source of energy (batteries or USB in power supply mode). MicroSD, USB and HDMI Ports The device is equipped with a microSD Card, Micro USB and Micro HDMI ports. Movement between the items is carried out using the LEFT & RIGHT buttons . NOTE:Remember that turning on Night Mode during daylight will not harm your device, however you may not be able to see anything due to the image being too bright.

Some have the function,some don’t. Please leave five stars positive feedback positive comment and Five-Stars. The number of photos that can be taken is a guide based on RICOH’s measurement method (wireless on, one photo taken every 30 seconds and transferred to smartphone). The actual number differs according to usage conditions. You will need to scroll with UP and DOWN buttons to find the Shooting Solution bullseye icon and if it is off (indicated by a diagonal line running through the icon), you will need to turn it on by pressing CENTER button while having the icon selected.

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