Sony xav-602bt инструкция

sony xav-602bt инструкция
Page 18 HCD-GX470/GX570 VERSION DISPLAY MODE The 5th and 6th digit from the left indicates: (Present status display) This mode is used to check the model, destination and software The 5th and 6th digit from the left indicates which operating status version. when an error occurred is indicated. Автомагнитолы Sony издавна славились своей надежностью, неприхотливостью, удобством использования и качественным приемом радио. Connect the headphones. controls FUNCTION button qs AUDIO IN jack Unit Press to select the function. You cannot activate both the Play Timer and the Rec Timer at the Creating your own CD program CD Synchro Recording: same time. All capacitors are in F unless otherwise noted. (p: pF) Y : parts extracted from the conductor side.

Доволен. . . . . .Усилитель Audio System X 165.4 → Какие там шумы?? Проверяйте провода либо в твоем усе дефект. All capacitors are in F unless otherwise noted. (p: pF) Y : parts extracted from the conductor side. 50 WV or less are not indicated except for electrolytics : Pattern from the side which enables seeing. Посоветуйте, пожалуйста, акустику 2-компонентную, в Вольво хс60, вместо штатной . Размер 16.5см. Ver. Date Description of Revision 2006.03 2006.04 Change of DECK board (Suffix-12) (SUPPLEMENT-1) (ECN-ECB57489).

Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. Усилитель уже . . . . . Ваши отзывыАвтомагнитола Kenwood KDC-W431 → Отличная магнитола. Page 5: General HCD-GX470/GX570 SECTION 2 This section is extracted from instruction manual. GENERAL – GX470 – Guide to parts and qa PHONES jack AUDIO IN button Press to select the AUDIO IN function. Also, clicking the version at the top of the revised page allows you to jump to the next revised page. Semiconductor Location Ref. No. Location MAIN BOARD D001 D002 D003 (GX570) JW107 D004 JW109 D005 ANTENNA JW113 D006 FM75 JW114 COAXIAL D007 JW340… Page 35 HCD-GX470/GX570 7-12. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM – MAIN Board (1/3) – See page 51 for Waveforms. Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great dealsVisit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customersContact your Sony Support teamBook, track or maybe even avoid a repairNever miss an update again!

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