Shunt petzl инструкция

Содержание Эксцентриковые Такие, как жумар, блокер и кроль. Part 4- 8 : Tells you about emergencies, storage and handling. 8 steps to COSHH assessment: Work out what hazardous substances are used in your work place and find out the risks from using these substances to people’s health. These cowstails are then connected to your anchors with the left cowstail on the left anchor. При резком рывке (срыве) встроенный механизм блокирует колесо и веревка зажимается. The lack of any described methods or special training therefore makes these previous Petzl statements obsolete. As a measure of precaution, Petzl recommends to NOT use the Petzl Shunt, while towed by a cord, as a back-up device in rope access.

Wrong. The trick is to micromanage your backup, doing everything the same each and every time. Внешних повреждений устройства нет.Проскальзывание составило 0,2 м. Веревка не повреждена.2. Испытание устройства «ASAP» (Petzl).Испытание устройства на «фактор рывка 1»:Падение груза остановлено. Responsibility for this remains with the employer and the user.» Analysis: In the light of incidents and accidents, indicative tests have been conducted, including – but not limited to – a workshop in March 2011 with rope-access experts present. Two years after establishing a base, Petzl produced its first vertical safety harness in 1977. In the early 1980s the company began expanding its products from caving to vertical sports such as rock climbing and mountaineering, as well as to rescue.
Are the original Petzl documents valid during any transition period?The previous documents from Petzl relating to this topic explain the need for specific training. London: Springer, 2009.- ISBN 978-0-387-98147-5.) ^ a b c d e f [1] ^ a b ‘’Jones’’ ^ ‘’Wharton’’ ^ a b Petzl Foundation Endorses ROCTRIP ^ ‘’M2PressWire’’ ^ ‘’Arabia2000’’ External links[edit] Petzl Web Site [3] Petzl Solutions [4]. For purchasers of certified systems, the new assembly retains the system certification to NFPA 1983 when assembled in accordance with the instructions provided with the replacement tether. Syn- cope can follow thereafter at an unpredictable time. Instead, tie a knot in the end of each rope. Can I return them? If the Petzl Shunts are unused, YES ! Please contact your local Petzl distributor for further information. If the Petzl Shunts are already in service, NO! The employers and users take the final responsibility for the selection and use of all work equipment.

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