Sigma 2309 инструкция

sigma 2309 инструкция
Menu Entry 2: Sleep Mode Enables sleep mode. The ADC enters nap mode when not converting, reducing the power dissipation. The converters are available in a 12-pin 3mm × 3mm DFN package or an MSOP-12 package. Home — St. Ignatius Loyola Welcome to Loyola Denver! Whether you are a parishioner, regular visitor, or someone surfing websites looking for a parish where you will be welcomed and valued, I invite you to explore our website.

Note that the REFOUT voltage will go to zero. Shop Parts Town when you need genuine OEM Duke replacement parts. The LTC2309 operates from a single 5V supply and draws just 300μA at a throughput rate of 1ksps.

The Demonstration circuit 1337 (DC1337A) features the LTC2309, a low noise, low power, 8-Channel, 12-Bit, successive approximation ADC with an I2C compatible serial interface. Key Applications: Industrial Process Control, Motor Control, Accelerometer Measurements, Battery-Operated Instruments, Isolated and/or Remote Data Acquisition, Power Supply Monitoring. The LTC2309 operates from an internal clock to achieve a fast 1.3μs conversion time.

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