Brauniger инструкция

Совмешает в себе функции обычного парапланерного прибора и GPS. 395 € Flymaster NAV SD Прибор для маршрутных полетов и полетов на соревнованиях. Unless the vario or barograph is turned on immediately before launch, and is turned back off immediately after landing, the recorded times will be significantly longer than the actual flight time. There is a table inside the receiver, the Satellite-Almanach, in which the path, place, and time data of all satellites are kept with reference to the receiver.

This presumed interthermal gliding airspeed is usually almost the same as the still-air best-glide-ratio airspeed for the polar that has been entered into the vario, but not exactly. The digital current-glide-ratio display is another feature that is based on the actual measured sink rate at any given moment (after the total energy adjustment), along with the actual measured groundspeed. For this purpose the GPS needs to be activated.
These correction arrows provide speed-to-fly guidance when the pilot has not switched on the McCready display. The IQ-Basis doesn’t recognize this as a valid date!Memory holds data about the last ten flights made. It records maximum altitude reached, maximum over height, maximum climb and descent, maximum speed, duration and date of flight, without the year of course. The apparent headwind or tailwind component used in the upper segmented bar display is constantly updated as the glider changes heading. As the glider circles in strong wind, the upper segmented bar display will rise and fall according to the changing apparent tailwind or headwind component.

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