Инструкция самсунга s3

инструкция самсунга s3
When a call comes in, drag outside the large circle. Changing the input language Slide the space key left or right. To add more languages, switch to number mode, punctuation mode, or emoticon mode. Find My Phone If you misplace the mobile device, the Gear can help you find it. 1 Tap (Find My Phone) on the Apps screen. 2 Tap . The mobile device emits sounds and turns on the screen. The atmospheric pressure is calibrated based on the entered reference value. Alarms will still function normally. On the status panel, tap . The icon will appear at the top of theWatch screen.

Get more apps Download specialised apps on your Gear, not through the connected mobile device. On the Apps screen, tap (Get more apps). Scroll through the list and select an app to download. Rotate the bezel anticlockwise to delete the input stroke by stroke.To recover a stroke, rotate the bezel clockwise. 39. Basics 39 Using handwriting input mode or the keyboard Tap and open handwriting mode and write on the screen. Based on earlier leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 should feature a 9.6-inch AMOLED display, with a 1536 x 2048 resolution and a 4:3 Aspect Ratio.

Heart rate sensor • The accuracy of the heart rate sensor may be diminished depending on measurement conditions and surroundings. • Use the HR feature only for measuring your heart rate. • Do not look directly at the heart rate sensor’s lights. Interestingly, though, the manual doesn’t show any slots for the S Pen, so it appears the accessory will be an external accessory only without a dedicated slot like on Samsung’s Galaxy Note line. Using the Gear without a mobile device You can use the Gear without connecting it to a mobile device.You can set to use the Gear without a mobile device when you turn on the Gear for the first time or you reset it. The tablet will sport a 4:3 aspect ratio like the iPads. Replacing the band Detach the band from the Gear to replace it with a new one. Access additional options. 47. Applications 47 Transferring calls to the mobile device You can continue calls on the mobile device.

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