Телевес инструкция

телевес инструкция
You can choose whether to enable an FM input or not. Nos anos 1950 o nome da empresa eran as iniciais dos apelidos dos tres fundadores da empresa, os tres empezaban por b. O nome da empresa era entón TresB. A nova dirección da empresa trocou ese nome por outro máis identificado co sector. The output level is programmable between100 and 115dBµV for one-output options (BASIC and PRO), and between 96 and 111dBµV for two-output options (BASIC SAT and PRO SAT). Furthermore, an equalization slope of up to 5 dB can be programmed at the output. General Power supply Vac 196…264 Consumption W 2,5 Working temp. ºC -5…+45 Protection index IP IP20 Weight gr 250 Dimensions (wid x hei x dep) mm 145x55x35 Additional Infomation Pictures: Technical manuals:.

Подразделения Televes ® Televes Полный спектр абоненского оборудования для реализации любых систем и проектов. Domestic A/V modulator that generates any analogue channel on the MATV band. Equipamento para fibra óptica: fusionadoras de fibra óptica, receptores ópticos.

The arquitecture of DAT HD antenna guarantee the RF charecteristics in the UHF band. Televes is a global company that is leader in the design and development of telecommunications products, systems and services for the home and similar sectors. Very good antenna.Charlie the Engineer — Missoula, MT — 5/5/2016 11:34:04 AM This antenna lives up to its specs. Small, light weight, and east to assemble/mount. I have not measured the gain but it appears to be very close to what is advertised. Подробнее… TRedess Вещательное оборудования для построения систем DVB-T вещания. Universal programmer (ref. 7234): The unit is compatible with the programmer, ensuring backwards compatibility.

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