Инструкция portable min speaker

инструкция portable min speaker
While they do not offer the fidelity found in large multimedia speakers, they provide an accurate level of treble and acceptable level of deep bass. After which, continue to charge it for 2 hours. If there is still no light and no sound, the speaker is probably faulty. If it is still under warranty, bring it to the retailer or distributor you bought the product from, to get it replaced. For further information, please email us at and our friendly Sales Team will attend to your enquiry. Once connected, you can toggle between “Double Up” mode, which duplicates audio on both speakers, or “Stereo” mode for stereo output. To swap the left/right speaker orientation in Stereo mode, tap the swap icon in-between the speakers. Nakamichi Mini Speaker Performance Nakamichi mini speakers are an affordable option, with a construction that does not withstand rough treatment. As such, users should avoid carrying them with objects that could scratch the housing. Why is the volume control on my X-mini KAI Capsule Speaker not working?

Amazon If you have purchased our products from Amazon , please note that only those that are fulfilled by Amazon directly* (and not sold by other sellers in the marketplace) are genuine articles supported by X-mini warranty. Using the Nakamichi Mini Speaker as an FM Radio To listen to FM radio using the mini speaker, insert the mini-USB connector into the antenna port labeled «FM ANT.» Make sure the speaker is in FM mode by holding the play/pause/stop button for 2 seconds. Next try turning it off and on again and it should start working. If the LED light is on and there is sound, then you have successfully jumpstarted your X- mini Capsule Speaker. The device has a quality headphone amp, so it offers a good level of sound. Product failures caused by modification, repair and disassembly by any person who is not authorized by the manufacturer.

Insert a microSD card containing music tracks into the port marked «MICRO SD/TF.» Alternatively, insert a USB flash drive into the USB port. Here’s how: 1. Open the UE MINI BOOM app. 2. Tap the Settings icon. You can pair additional devices with your speaker. Make sure the power source does not exceed 5V, which could damage the speaker. Yes, the audio system will automatically power off after 10 minutes of inactivity should there not be any audio feed.

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