Ja comments инструкция по установки видео joomla

ja comments инструкция по установки видео joomla
For each, we can specify displayed data format. Commenting code is good for diagnosing website problems, hiding code instead of deleting the code, placing notes in a file to explain what was done, and many more reasons. See our current works“. The “Creativity initial anim” – enable this option only on the Creativity template.

Configuration files are saved in a config catalog for the module. If saving with an already-existing file name, a number will be appended to the filename to make it unique. Следует отметить, что выбирая шаблон, нужно обращать внимание на дату его выпуска и насколько он соответствует той версии Joomla, с которой Вы работаете. Установить шаблон в Joomla можно двумя способами: с помощью стандартной установки Joomla установить/удалить и вручную, путем копирования файлов шаблона в папку templates. There are different requirements in having a Blog then in having an article.

The “Links thumbnail dimensions” – option allow you to sets the width and height for created thumbnails from articles images from Links section. Please remember that first load can take longer time. We don’t recommend to use this option for modules with frequently changing articles, because it can slow the page loading speed due additional data requests. Differentiate between regular bloggers and pro-bloggers: Configure which bloggers (via Joomla! user group membership) should have ‘pro-blogger’ functionality: their avatar and name are linked to a professional Authorprofile page showcasing all their expertise.

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