Vox tonelab se инструкция

vox tonelab se инструкция
The NT50H-G2 differs from the original NT50H with the additions of an XLR D.I. out and a digital reverb, and the deletions of one 12AX7 preamp tube and the «Tight» switch. It also appears the FX loop is no longer bypassable. Since you have to get A/C power out to the PS-55 anyway, use a powerstrip for the one or two pedals that you might need outlets for and run the rest off of the PS-55. While it might not be the most convenient way to go, it will certainly work. With a real 12AX7 tube and Valvetronix technology, ToneLab ST pedal delivers, pro-level, true-tube sound.Designed for mobility, the compact ToneLab ST is made for guitarists on the go. Both chorus and flanging are available in the Modulation section, where the Flanger seems to have the same features as the original Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress, including the manual or ‘parked’ flange option. Also present on the rear panel is the DC19V in jack, and the on-off, standby-on, and Attenuator switches.

The remaining three effects sections come after the amp-modelling stages, and may be used simultaneously. Lennon favoured the larger 7120 amplifier, while Harrison preferred the 730 and McCartney had its sister 430 bass amplifier. In the early 1960s the Brothers Grim became the first American group use Vox Amplifiers. There are three more knobs in the pedal/effect section, and five buttons for selecting effects and for determining which section the three edit knobs currently refer to. Vox Cooltron Brit Boost, Big Ben Overdrive & Bulldog Distortion Vox Cooltron Brit Boost, Big Ben Overdrive & Bulldog Distortion.

All the classic sounds are in there, from crystal clean to shred overdrive, with all the subtle nuances in between, but be prepared to edit the presets, because they sound very different with every guitar and many of them were initially too abrasive for my taste. Vox AC15s and AC30s used Class-A circuits, whereas the majority of Marshall and Fender designs, other than very low-power models such as the Fender Champ, have Class-AB push-pull output stages. Doing a direct comparison with my Pod XT, I found that the sound had more ring to it and more definition at the starts of notes. Педаль может управлять временем задержки, скоростью и глубиной модуляции, и т.д., предоставляя тем самым музыканту еще больше возможностей для раскрытия творческого замысла. Функция Mute позволяет отключить инструмент для «тихой» настройки гитары на сцене. But there are some good starting points and a few that are pretty good as is. It is also nice to have all the different amp and cab possibilities. It is very possible to just set your amp at Vox, add an effect and play.

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