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Use these steps to flash an image using bmaptool: Note Unless you are able to install the bmap-tools package as mentioned in the note in the second bullet of step 3 further down, you will need to build bmaptool before using it. Keep in mind, the information here is a starting point. Select the “Datasets” link at the top of any page. See the «Obtaining the SDK» appendix in the Yocto Project Software Development Kit (SDK) Developer’s Guide for more information on locating and installing cross-toolchains.

The connection uses standard IP networking. SSH servers exist in some QEMU images. Populates an sstate cache from which developers can pull rather than requiring local builds.Allows commit hook triggers, which trigger builds when commits are made. For information on the git format-patch command, see GIT_FORMAT_PATCH(1) displayed using the man git-format-patch command.
The secondary may briefly go into STARTUP2 or RECOVERING. This is normal. When you build the kernel on your development system, all files needed for the build are taken from the source repositories pointed to by the SRC_URI variable and gathered in a temporary work area where they are subsequently used to create the unique kernel. Thus, you can get an idea of the status of a patch based on whether the patch has been merged into one of these branches. The maintainer that receives your patches needs to be able to save and apply them directly from your emails.

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